DUMBBELL X ( Only Dumbbell Workout Program )


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  • Main Goal :- Muscle Building

  • Duration :- 8 Week

  • Training Level :- Intermediate

  • Equipment :- Dumbbell

About Dumbbell X :-

Dumbbell X workout program is designed for those who only have access to a set of dumbbells. This workout program only requires dumbbells, has just the right amount of volume to promote muscle growth.

Three Types of Workout plan with Exact sets and Reps

In this workout program we Provide 3 types of workout splits with exact sets and Reps to Build muscle without any excuse.

–If you workout 2 to 3 times a day follow Full Body workout Routine .

-If you Workout 3 times a week than you can follow push pull Legs.

-If you workout 5 times a week than you can Follow Bro split workout Routine.

Learn how to calculate Macros.

As hard as you’re going to be training, you’re going to need to eat in order to recover and grow. That doesn’t mean you get to go crazy and eat whatever you want, whenever you want. You want to calculate your macros and Plan your meal.

With This E book we teach you how to calculate your Macros for maximum gains.

Sample Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian Diet plan.

In this programme,I have given vegetarian and non vegetarian diet plan with delicious recipe You can follow these Diet plan just adjust serving size according to your calories requirement.

For calculate your Daily calories you can use our calorie calculator link given below.




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