SHREDDED ( 12 week Fat loss program)



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Main Goal          :-   Fat loss

Duration             :-   12 Week

Training  Level :-    Intermediate

Equipment         :-   Full Gym

Workouts/week  :-   5 Days/week

About SHREDDED Program

This fat loss program  is designed for those who want to lose fat and get in shape. In this workout program, I have given you all the things that will help you lose fat and become a better version of yourself in just 12 weeks. After completing this workout program you will not only lose fat but also increase your strength, speed and flexibility.

Workout Plan with Exact sets and Reps

In this Workout Program we add  a 5 day workout routine precise sets and reps.  it is designed more for an intermediate lifter in mind. The volume will be slightly higher to create more calories Deficit.


Nutrition is as important as a workout to achieve any fitness goal. Therefore, in this program, I have also explained how you will count your
calories and calculate your macros. Because just as the same type of clothes is not fit for everyone, in the same way, all people are not able to lose fat by following the same diet plan. You must calculate your macros yourself.

Apart from this, I have also mentioned sample vegetarian and non-vegetarian diet plan with Recipes in this program, just you have to determine the quantity of foods according to your needs.

You can use our Calorie calculator to find your calories.


In this program we use many supplement but supplement is not necessary
to loose fat . If you cannot or do not want to use the supplement for some
reason, you can still follow the program as it is. If you use world best
supplement , but If your diet and training are not right then you can not
achieve your fitness first fix your diet and training then add
supplement .

Here is what you receive with this E book.

👉  Workout Routine with Exact sets and Reps

👉 Macro Calculation

👉 Vegetarian and Non vegetarian Fat loss  Diet plan

👉  Recipes
👉 Much more…


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