Knife( 12 week fat loss workout program )



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Main Goal :- Loose Fat
Training Level :- Intermediate
Duration :– 12 weeks
Equipment Required :– Full Gym
Workouts/week :– 4 Days/week

About KNIFE workout program


The following workout is a 12 week Fat loss Workout program to get you shredded.
This Workout program is different because in this workout program you will train 4 times a week during the whole plan because not everyone has time to workout 6 times a week.,

Workout plan

In this program we will follow Upper Lower workout Split.
But we have made one change in this workout program.
The upper body has more muscle groups than the lower body. So if you train every muscle in one day, your workout will be very long.
That’s why we’ve divided the workout into two parts: push and pull.Once you will train the push muscle of the upper body and the second timethe pull muscle. In the same way, you will train the push and pull muscles
of the lower body as well.


In this workout program we add Complete Nutrition plan with recipes.

We also teach you how to calculate your macros because Just as one size
clothing may not fit everyone, follow the same nutrition plan, not everyone
can achieve their fitness goals.

To look shredded , you’ll need a calorie deficit and the right division of
carbs, proteins, and fats.Add some smart meal timing to accelerate the rate of growth, and you’ll have yourself a killer program.


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