Aesthetic Physique (12 week Advance fat loss program)



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Main Goal :- Fat loss

Duration :- 12 Week

Training Level :- Advanced

Equipment :- Full Gym

Workouts/week :- 5 Days/week

About workout program

This workout plan is designed to help you shred fat and get in shape in only 12 weeks. This might sound like hype,but it’s not. The following plan is not easy. It starts slowly, but builds rapidly .

Every detail of your diet and training for the next 12 weeks will be laid out  for you. You will be told exactly what to eat, how much cardio to do, and how to weight train.
The goal is simple: lose fat, maintain muscle mass, get in shape and transform your physique as much as possible over the next 3 months. You want to not only look better, but have the fitness level and strength to match your new body.

Workout plan

In this workout routine we use high intensity training with slightly more volume by Combining compound and isolation movement. So we can target both type muscle group type 1,Type 2a and Type 2b and we gain muscle .

In this workout program we train 5 days a week and 2 days are our Rest day. On Thursday you train your weak muscle like Chest, Bicep or Shoulder.

Diet plan

Each week will consist of 2 different types of eating days.
• High Carb Days – 2 day per week
• Low Carb Days – 5 days per week
You may structure these days in any preferred manner. I suggest keeping the high carb day for special occasions. That way you can attend family functions, or eat out with friends, and indulge a little more than normal.
It should be noted that calorie intake can be adjusted based on metabolism.


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